Things to do on Halloween night.

Since some of us are no longer young enough to go earn our free candy.

Here is a list of things to do on October 31st instead of trick or treating.

1.) Watch a scary movie

buy some of your own candy corn and snuggle up with a warm blanket, and watch a scary movie, or in my case American Horror Story. the television series.

2.) Scared the trick or treat-rs 

I am not saying make little kids run home screaming and peeing their pants, but let’s face it. It is a little fun to make people jump every once in a while.  Create a scary scene outside or hide and wait for some unsuspecting candy grabber to come close enough to be surprised.

3.) Go to a party.

Halloween is one of the prime times for a party. Dress up and get dancing!

4.) Visit a haunted house.

Halloween is prime time to feel creepy. Visit a haunted house or one of those local scary sights see if any ghouls can show up.

5.) Go trick or treating,

younger siblings and children are great excuses for candy. I used to say, “I am their big sister, this candy is my fee for watching them”. 

6.) Make your own treats,

baking is often a relaxing thing to do. Why not create something sweet instead of trick or treating?

Any ideas? Comment more!



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